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The iDDD Trainers Course© is a globally unique ‘high impact training’, supervised by Mr. Marc-Jan Hollenberg, founder of iDoDareDream (iDDD) and Master Trainer in Human Development and Business Development. This training course will enable trainers and managers to attain the targets set by the hotel management even better, from the view that personal development always leads to business development. The training will be conducted by Dr Milad Moussa and Mr. Marc-Jan Hollenberg. Dr Milad Moussa has been personally trained by Marc-Jan Hollenberg and is the sole independent representative of iDDD Company Ltd for the Middle East and Northern Africa. He is also your local Arabic speaking contact.


For an in-depth support of an employee’s development by means of training or management, the participant’s capacity for self-awareness is raised. We teach participants all the secrets of the training and coaching profession, using the unique iDDD approach. This includes profound personal development and practical skills that can be immediately put into practice.


The course is divided into three parts:

1.   the 4-day LifeNavigator© training

2. the 4 x 2-day iDDD DeepDiveDevelopment© training

3. 6 hours of iDDD Personal Coaching©

For more detailed information about the separate parts of the training, please also check ‘Training schedule’ below.

The basic training module serves as a preselection for part II. Dr Milad Moussa decides in consultation with Marc-Jan Hollenberg which participants can proceed to part II of the iDDD Trainers Course©. Afterwards, participants will be presented with the exclusive iDDD Trainers Certificate, hallmarked and signed by Mr. Marc-Jan Hollenberg and Dr Milad Moussa and bearing the ABNLP hallmark.


In addition to this, the assignments that are to be prepared and carried out outside the course days, are considered part of the training and will be evaluated.


In this way, the participants receive a high-level training leading to profound change in themselves as well as their organization. iDDD provides a profile describing the target group for this training.


The official language in the basic training is Arabic. During the 2-day training sessions the official language will be English, combined with Arabic. For more detailed information about the course, please click on ‘Information’ below.

  • For who

    Hotel managers and trainers.

  • Information

    In this course we will focus on the personal leadership of the participants. The following questions will be central: Who are you? Which values and principles drives you in life? How do you take decisions and what drives you? Do you have a clear dream ambition and vision of the future? Will this be in line with who you are, what drives you and how do you cope with all this and how do you present yourself to the outside world? How do you motivate and inspire your employees? How do you take care that they go for the maximum effort to achieve the desired goals. But also what holds you back? The training is a sincere, honest and sometimes confronting moment with yourself.


    An impactful experience, which also will have an impact on your work-life balance.


    From the conviction ‘you already have everything inside you’ and ‘everything is learning’, this course is mainly an experiential course and directly applicable and useful in your daily life. Learn by experience. You get insights in your own decisionmaking process, in your pattern of thinking- and behaviour and your view on the world. On top of this you learn how you can manage and turn your restrictive mechanism into a reinforcing way of thinking and acting.


    By consciously using your Inner Force, you will experience that you can learn how you can make use of everything which is present in your organisation to achieve what you have in mind and what is important for your organisation. So this will enable trainers and managers to attain the targets set by the hotel management even better, from the view that personal development always leads to business development.

  • Training schedule

    Outline iDDD Trainers Course©

    The iDDD Trainers Course© consists of 3 mandatory parts:


    Part I: 4-day LifeNavigator© basic training, conducted by Dr Milad Moussa. In this basic training the participants primarily learn what is essential in training and management, i.e. their influence on others.


    Part II: 4 x 2-day iDDD DeepDiveDevelopment© high impact training, conducted by Mr. Marc-Jan Hollenberg and Dr Milad Moussa together, based on the unique iDoDareDream© philosophy and SystemicSensing©. In these sessions the participants are trained to apply everything they have learned about themselves and others, when dealing with colleagues and hotel guests. A combination of raised awareness, knowledge and skills.


    Part III: iDDD Personal Coaching© by Dr Milad Moussa during the course of the entire training (approximately 12 months). Each individual is unique and has his own specific questions. The answers to these questions will help him improve and move forward.


    Group size:

    iDDD LifeNavigator© basic training: a minimum of 10 and no more than 20 participants.

     iDDD DeepDiveDevelopment© high impact training: a minimum of 25 and no more than 50 participants in each group.

     iDDD Personal Coaching© is on an individual level.


    Mr. Marc-Jan Hollenberg will be in Egypt 4 times a year (Feb-May-Sep-Dec) for a period of 4 days each time, of which days 2 and 3 will be training days. He will share the latest insights and all his experience acquired in over 20 years of working as a Master Trainer in Human Development and Business Development.

  • Method

    The course is built up around the unique iDDD Life-, Leadership- & Business Navigator. These navigators have been developed based on years of experience in personal and business development. It works as a customized guidance to take (important) decisions and make impactful choices.


    In this course we will also work with powerful components from Solution Focused Work, NLP, Systemic Sensing, Bodywork & Mindfulness. The whole is given by realistic entrepreneurs- management and life experiences of the trainers themselves. The training is mainly interactive and the short theoretic parts will be interspersed by a diversity of exercises, self-reflection, inspiring discussions, relaxing bodywork and light meditation.

  • Location

    One of the participating hotels (more info will follow).

  • Investment

    Investment for each participant:

    Part I: 4-day LifeNavigator© basic training please contact Dr. Milad Moussa

    Part II: 8-day iDDD DeepDiveDevelopment© Training please contact Dr. Milad Moussa

    Part III: 6 hours of iDDD Personal Coaching© please contact Dr. Milad Moussa

    Total investment to become a certified iDDD trainer: please contact Dr. Milad Moussa

    Each participant has a intake with Dr. Milad Moussa to make sure this is the right training course for you.

    Training sessions require a minimum number of participants to take place.


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